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My name is  STEVE KODAD


I am a TEACHER.  I teach people how to use Feng Shui effectively for creating their own comfortable sanctuary, for selling real estate, or for buying real estate.  I've been a teacher for over 40 years in some capacity.


The changes Feng Shui brings to an environment are not always obvious immediately, but THEY ARE SURE FELT!  They are felt by a person on a subconscious level before their consciousness registers the change.  These changes are subtle but very powerful.  The environment just feels "right".  The potential home buyer or homeowner wants to be there and they become emotionally attached MUCH more often.  It comes off as safe, comfortable, and a place that will enable them to succeed.


These changes are created in a very inexpensive way.  A home can be TRANSFORMED to one that attracts a lot of positive attention.   This process can be completed by the homeowner very easily with my help.  Even if the owner decides to contract these "changes", they will be pleased how inexpensive it is to make their house a "magnet" to home buyers if selling....or a place you love coming home too!


A visitor often, when entering a new environment, feels comfortable or uncomfortable, positive or negative, and has no idea why....they just know they do!  It is obvious that when a space feels "off" that a potential buyer, a visitor, or even the owner will not want to stay long.  Feng Shui takes these objections away!


The Feng Shui of a home greatly influences a home buyer.   This is why I was sold on this ancient environmental science when I was a Realtor.   And why I sold my half of a 30+ agent real estate company.  I wanted to teach agents, home stagers, and homeowners about these powerful techniques.   I have since done just people enjoy their homes more and permit the inhabitants to greatly prosper.


Consider joining us at one of my workshops.  It will sell a home faster and, more importantly, literally change YOUR life and YOUR environment also!!  Why?  Because you will begin to incorporate these changes into your own home and your own office!


Interested in becoming a Feng Shui Staging Professional?    No matter if you are wanting to create an environment that brings peace-of-mind, comfort, and ongoing success or you are in the real estate business, this TRAINING WILL EMPOWER YOU!! 






Very pleased to be nominated and named the Best Feng Shui Consultant in Bradenton, Florida in 2014.



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